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Comfortable, Clean Linen for your Healthcare Service​

In house or outsource? We can help you decide. It’s not an easy decision. Is it better for you to invest in and maintain your own in-house laundry facility, with your own staff and admin? Or would it be more cost-effective to put it in the hands of industry experts that you can trust?

Rather than trying to persuade you, either way, the first thing we can do is help you make an informed choice about the laundry services you need. Our unique modelling software allows you to look at all of your options. It enables you to compare and assess all the related costs in a truly realistic way – from depreciation and maintenance to energy consumption and employment. If you are convinced that outsourcing is the right way to go – and you let us take care of all your laundry requirements, we can provide you with a complete service covering everything you need to run your business.

We’ll help you make sure your patients or residents always have freshly laundered linen for their bedrooms and bathrooms. We can take care of their personal laundry. We’ll look after the table linen and napkins in your dining room. We’ll clean your removable soft furnishings. Everything can be done in one go.

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