6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Laundry

Running a hotel doesn’t come easy – there’s so much to plan out and implement - all to ensure that each customer leaves satisfied after their stay. While you might not pay a lot of attention to housekeeping in a hotel, it takes quite a lot of resources, time, and effort to manage laundry and maintenance. Whether you have a huge hotel with hundreds of rooms or a small four-bedroom guesthouse, it is essential that you pay close attention to supervising your laundry and housekeeping.

For the majority of hotel customers, good quality bed linen and towels are a deal-breaker, helping them choose which hotel is the right option for them. If presented with unkept, low quality, or dirty linens, customers are highly unlikely to return for a second stay or, for that matter, give a constructive word of mouth to their friends and families. After all, hygiene is an imperative part of making hotel stays a positive experience for all.

Hence, when it comes to making sure that your linens are clean and silky smooth, hotels opt between two popular choices: running in-house laundry facilities or outsourcing to reputable commercial laundry facilities; each with its own advantages.

So, is opting for outsourcing laundry right for you? Don’t forget; you’re running a hotel, not a laundry facility! Here are five reasons why you should look into outsourcing over in-house laundry:

1) A Clear Cut-Down in Costs

For hotels to function without accumulating financial burden, they need to free up their cash flows significantly. The best way to save on capital expenditure is to cut down on fixed costs, which include setting up and maintaining laundry and extensive housekeeping.

Think of it this way: no on-site laundry development and maintenance costs, no electric bills, no detergent and chemical costs, and on top of that, absolutely no labor costs; freeing up at least a clear fourth of the hotel’s operating costs. Not only this, but you’re also going to be saving a hefty amount that will otherwise be tied up in laundry assets, such as washers, machines, and dryer equipment.

Hence, putting your trust in a third-party laundry agency is going to make your pennies worthwhile.

2) More Space Freed For Productive Use

To ensure laundry is being done systematically - on time and with utmost quality assurance - hotels need to dedicate a specific area for extensive housekeeping. Having a chunk of the hotel tied in doing laundry means that it might take away from an area designed for revenue-generating facilities without compromising on the hotel capacity.

For a room that is barely ever visited but still requires high maintenance, it makes no sense to continue doing in-house laundry, especially when there is a smarter option of outsourcing your laundry. By opting for the latter, you’re giving your hotel more room to free up space for productive use, such as pools, meeting rooms, and gyms, to name a few.

3) Helps Redirect Focus to Primary Business Needs

With little to no time, money, and resources to waste, outsourcing laundry helps redirect core business strategies, which is far more vital in warranting customer return.

When your hotel management is more concerned about curating top-quality services and customer experience, they will be able to ensure that they leave no stone unturned in maximizing customer utility.

4) Streamlined Demand, Business Operations, And Budgeting

When working in a seasonal industry, like that of the hospitality business, it is most beneficial to plan ahead. Such planning includes budgeting, which can allow the hotel to streamline all its operations ahead of time, helping in more flexibility to keep up with the changing demands.

With one less service to provide and maintain, hotels can efficiently cater to streamlining their operations and budgets, even past difficult economic conditions. Moreover, having the option to outsource laundry means that the hotels will be able to cater to a high volume of customers without facing any supply constraints.

5) Quality Improved by a Tenfold

Contrary to popular belief, doing laundry for hotels is no easy task, especially when utmost quality is required to ensure that customers leave the hotel without any complaints. Smooth and silky linens are promised by all but delivered by barely any lodges.

In order to ensure pristine laundry services, it is better to invest in outsourcing laundry. With an entire business overlooking transforming soiled linens into pearly whites, you’re guaranteed to have washed, folded, and sorted laundry returned promptly to your doorstep. Quality is further improved with the heavy-duty, high-quality machinery available at designated laundry facilities.

6) Risk-Free From Coronavirus

In-house laundry in hotels poses a higher risk of cross-contamination. A study conducted by De Montfort University concluded that infectious Coronavirus can survive on clothing for 72 hours. It is found that Polyester poses the highest risk for transmission of the infectious virus and could transfer to other surfaces.

It is also very important to manage the disinfection of linen either through thermal disinfection or chemical disinfection, this again is much better managed in a dedicated laundry.

So, Is Outsourcing the Right Option for You?

Although deciding between in-house laundry and outsourcing laundry is a challenging decision for many hotels, after carefully analyzing the endless benefits of outsourcing laundry, it is recommended that you give at least some attention to the notion of hiring an efficient third party laundry service to do their job best.

All in all, if you’re keen on saving some major costs and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction, consider this blog post your calling towards sustainable solutions to improve your business in a matter of days.

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