9 Reasons Why You Should Shop At A Local Company

You’ve probably heard it before: “If you shopped at local businesses, then more money would stay in the community and the local economy would do a lot better.” While you might not agree that it would make such a drastic difference (at least as far as the bigger picture is concerned), there are many benefits to shopping at local businesses.

A locally owned company has a unique impact on the economy of a town, and it's something quite different from what you find at big, faceless chain stores. It's an impact that greatly encourages residents to choose more local businesses for their day-to-day purchases, and it creates a ripple effect that reaches out into your community. On top of these benefits, there are also practical reasons why you should shop at a local business.

In this piece, we give you 9 reasons why should you shop at a local business over a national chain store/ company.

1) Strengthen's Community

The high street brings people together. We know that for lots of good reasons: It's fun to walk around, have a cup of coffee, shop and eat together in a beautiful and lively place. It's an extension of our community hub where we share news, views, and our lives through eating out, drinking in cafes, or attending local events.

Shopping at local independent businesses is good for your entire community. Supporting your local high street, you're helping to keep it alive. Local retailers are often family-run and independently owned, helping to support local families and the community in which they live.

You're contributing to the unique character of the place where you live. You give money directly to people who need it by shopping with local businesses. And you create a sense of place, where like-minded people can meet up, have fun and make friends.

2) Local Economy

A local business creates value for you and your neighbourhood. The economic activity generated by the money you spend with a locally owned business is re-spent with other local businesses in your community, creating jobs and economic growth that would otherwise not exist. By shopping at a locally owned business, you are helping to support a thriving, healthy local economy.

I'm not going to paint a rosy picture for you. Business is most definitely tough during the Lockdown; we are in a recession and it's looking like things will stay that way for quite some time. However, if we all pull together and keep at our jobs, we'll get through it, and come out stronger when it's over. By buying from a local store vs a big box store, you are helping to keep the local economy healthy. Instead of money leaving the community you have spent your hard-earned money at a locally owned company that will use those resources to help employ more people in the community.

When you shop at a local store, you are supporting the local economy.

3) Creates and Sustains Jobs

It's not just what you buy. It's where you buy it that counts. When you shop at a local company, everyone benefits! Shopping local keeps money in your community supports local jobs and helps to revitalize neighbourhoods.

The local company employs the local people of the region, who in turn will patronize other establishments making those other businesses more likely to survive when you spend your money. Your dollars stay local and so does your investment in the community. Create local jobs

What's more, your contribution is an investment in your community that sustains jobs for everyone from cashiers and clerks to maintenance personnel to truck drivers that deliver all those items you're purchasing. Because dollars spent at locally owned businesses circulate in the community, they help stabilize prices on products and services.

4) Best Customer Service

Look around your local area. Chances are you will find a handful of places you can take clothing, shoes, or other items to get fixed or just learn more about how the item works. These places are usually run by someone who knows their stuff inside and out and is there to help you rather than just push more product onto the shelves. Although the prices may be a little higher than a chain store or online retailer, it’s worth it to invest in a consumer-friendly place that speaks your language and can provide the best customer support right at the moment. Plus, think of it as an incentive to support your local economy!

5) Originality

An independent, specialist retailer offers something a chain store cannot duplicate. It's the individuality of a locally owned business that enables merchandise to be specially selected and arranged. The owners' personal preferences and experiences contribute to the unique feel of each

With so many chain stores today homogenizing what they carry to fit their cookie-cutter format, it makes shopping local all the more important. When buying from a local merchant, no matter what you are looking for, there is one less middleman taking money before it ends up in their hands. You are supporting a family and helping to keep businesses alive on your block.

6) Tradition

The British are famously loyal to their local businesses. Everyone knows that supporting your local business is good for the local economy. But did you also know that it was practically a British tradition? Most other countries favour big international companies over small, local businesses. But you know what? That ain't how we roll.

Unlike other countries, the UK is filled with small, independent retailers and cafes that are often overlooked by international brands. Whether it's a one-man band selling quality produce or a family-run tea room, these businesses are the backbone of the British economy.

7) Innovation

Supporting local businesses is not just important to the community, it’s essential to innovation. Innovation doesn’t happen in big corporations—it happens at small, independent businesses. Think about it: independent businesses are where innovation happens.

It means investing in the growth of your community. You might not realize it, but the goods you buy in your neighbourhood are usually made by entrepreneurs who are committed to their craft and eager to provide you with the best service possible. Whether you're in it for a quick coffee, an enviable meal, or an unforgettable dessert, you'll be supporting small businesses that are paving the way for innovation and growth - and you'll have a great time doing it.

8) Government Incentives

If you want to help your local business thrive. The answer is simple: buy local! Supporting your local business not only helps the economy in your area but also ensures that taxes stay at home.

Supporting local business brings a lot of economic benefits to the community. Local governments often provide tax incentives to entice local companies to stay in their jurisdiction, and the tax breaks are just as good for consumers.

9) Creates Identity and Brands

Every neighbourhood has that special local business that makes it one-of-a-kind. The one that all the people are talking about and the only place you'll want to be. But how do you make your small business stand out amidst all the competition? By creating an identity and branding that conveys your history, your neighbourhood, and everything you have to offer.

Supporting local business is one of the best ways to help create an identity and brand for a region. This is because it helps small businesses grow, helps them retain local talent, and strengthens the community.

So, what have we learned? Supporting local businesses is great. It helps the economy, it benefits the environment, it's better for your community, and it can be a lot of fun. So go out there and enjoy your neighbourhood & remember local businesses maybe a little more expensive, or a little less prominent but it is definitely worth committing to your locality.

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