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Hygienic Restaurant & Catering Linen & Laundering

The food’s delicious. The service is excellent. But there’s something else – something that helps to create that very special feeling and ambience. It’s an important part of the reason that your customers are glad to have chosen your restaurant – and can’t wait to come back.

It’s the beautifully pressed linen, of course… in just the right colours to promote your brand, suit a theme or fit in with a special occasion. Whether it’s a business lunch, a romantic dinner or a leisurely afternoon tea, every customer will appreciate a beautifully laid table with the perfect accompanying table linen.

It makes them feel special. It sets you apart. It’s the perfect complement to the tasteful dishes on your menu. Then there’s the clothing that your staff need to make sure they look smart and professional as they carry out their duties – the uniforms for your front of house and waiting staff and all the garments for your kitchen team.

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