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Professional Industry-Standard Workwear & Laundering

How do you make sure that your people are dressed and fit for the job – well protected, professional, clean and hygienic? Whether your industry insists on protective clothing that conforms to EN standards or you simply want to bring your corporate identity to life through your workwear, we can provide the garments to match your business needs – and make sure that they stay clean and fresh.

Every single item of staff clothing – from shirts, jackets and trousers to boiler suits – is specific to its wearer, and personally measured to make sure of a great fit. It can be personalised any way you want – with names and logos to meet your specifications, reflect your brand and promote a consistent look and feel.

Then, to keep your workforce looking smart and professional and their clothing safe and clean, we provide dedicated locker in the right size to suit you. Your staff simply take out clean clothes to wear and then put them in a collection chute when they’re dirty. We collect them, wash and press them, and return them to the lockers every week. So they’re always there when they’re needed – fresh, clean, hygienic, and ready to be worn with pride.


We love looking after your laundry. We love paying meticulous attention to all the small but vital touches that add up to an exceptional laundry service that’s dedicated to discerning people like you.

That’s why we love to be able to take care of all the little extras too. Things like mats, personal lockers, and washroom services. Things that are part of the journey that people take from the moment they step through your doors.

Getting these right can go a long way towards creating the environment you want, making the right impression on everyone who visits your premises, and giving them the best possible experience.

They can also play an important part in helping with your safety and hygiene. As we’re collecting and delivering your laundry regularly, these little extras are in many ways just a logical extension of what we’re already doing for you anyway.

By doing everything at once and taking advantage of our high quality ‘one-stop-shop’ service, you can save both money and time. Money – because the collection and delivery costs are already included in your laundry service. Time – because you only need to deal with one point of contact… and you’re free to concentrate even more on what really matters to your business.

Barrier Mats

First impressions count, don’t they?

That’s why the right mat does so much to enhance the sight of a nice, clean entry.

You’ll want the ones in your reception or welcome area to be personalised to reflect your company brand – as well as keeping your floors free from dust and the dirt of the outside world.

Further inside you might need anti-slip mats around water coolers, anti-static mats to prevent shocks and anti-fatigue mats to reduce the strain of standing for long periods.

You can choose from our very wide range of different mats for many different purposes.

We can usually personalise the ones you like too. That means you can rely on us to purchase and arrange printing exclusively for your use. We can also take care of any custom sizes that need to be ordered specially.

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